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phantomreader42's Journal

I can go from serious to silly with frightening speed. You'll see that in my journal.

I'm a bit odd, but fun once you get to know me. :)

I'd like to keep my real name and work out of this journal, so if you know these things, please respect my wishes and don't post them, and if you don't know don't ask. I'm not interested in talking about work anyway, and you don't need to know my real name. I'm mostly here to escape from the real world, express myself on random subjects, and communicate with friends here. I may spontaneously switch to lurking mode from time to time, it happens on most forums I've been to.

I first used this screen name at BookCrossing.com. I thought "Phantom Reader" would be an appropriate name for someone who leaves books behind anonymously, striking when no one is looking and disappearing before you know it, with no evidence of his presence but a free book left for whoever wants it. The "42" comes from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

I spend probably more time than I should wandering around the Internet. You can find all sorts of crazy sites out there. In some circles I'm known as Lord of the Links. I've also got a reputation as a collector of naughty girls, but that's another story. :)

Most of my listed interests are copied from other people, which explains the multiple variations. Listing "aisha" as an interest has two entirely separate meanings.
affection, aisha, america, animals, anime, anime club, anime conventions, anime music videos, anime weekend atlanta, anthropomorphism, birds, bookcrossing, bookcrossing.com, books, calvin & hobbes, canines, cartoons, catgirls, cats, cheese, chobits, chocolate, civil rights, classic rock, collars and leashes, comic strips, computers, cooking, cosplay, country music, creative cursing, creativity, cuddles, depeche mode, dilbert, discworld, dogs, dolphins, douglas adams, dragons, engineering, family, fantasy, felines, ferrets, final fantasy, fire, foxes, freedom, freedom from religion, freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, friends, fullmetal alchemist, furries, furry, furry art, furry comics, games, going to the movies, goofiness, halloween, herbal tea, honesty, hot lycan bitches, huggles, hugs, humor, hunting, internet, japanese cuisine, japanese culture, kitsune, laughing, learning, learning new things, libraries, listening to music, literature, logic, manga, marsupial-filled popcorn machines, missmab, miyazaki films, monty python, movies, music, nature, naughty girls, oceans, offending moralistic asshats, outlaw star, pasta, peace, pervert with honor, pizza, playing, programming, puns, puppy-play, rain, reading, relaxing, resisting censorship, resisting theocracy, respecting differences of opinion, role play, role-playing, rpgs, sci-fi, science, science fiction, serenity, sillyness, sleep, solitude, star trek, star wars, stephen king, stories, storytelling, surprises, sushi, terry pratchett, the beatles, the cure, the simpsons, therianthropy, transformations, traveling, used bookstores, vampires, video games, watership down, webcomics, weird al yankovic, weirdness, weres, werewolves, wilderness, wildlife, wings, wit, wolf's rain, wolves, words, x-files